Tayo has been carrying a video camera since the age of 17. It is this intrinsic pull towards the documentation of the everyday that has stimulated his creative endeavours. Tayo’s focus has always been cultural exploration, how can we bring each other closer through art? How can we find more empathy for one another? How can we expand our understanding of ourselves? Tayo is always looking to shine a light on the real and the surreal within life’s daily offerings.

"Imagine your fondest memory and how that makes you feel.”

Over the past couple of years Tayo had been creating intimate documentary films - profiling some of South London’s most prolific jazz musicians in the project ‘Sampled: What is World Music?’ and creating cinematic portraits of underground culture + music scenes, from London, to New York, to Kingston Jamaica. Recent commissions include 'Night + Day Brixton’, featured on DAZED, a documentary for the UK band The xx, and ‘Manhood’ a documentary for UK fashion brand TOPMAN. His latest endeavour is CHILD studio, a production company that looks to create ‘Inspiring visual art - whilst retaining values of integrity, sustainability & equality’.

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